Saturday, March 31, 2007

Life is Beautiful. No specific reason to feel like it still thinking about it life is wonderful.
Lots of things to see, learn and enjoy. Each moment in life gives something different, something worth thinking about.
I visited the Apollo hospital yesterday. Its gives you another perspective of life. You think that you have problems, visit a hospital and you feel that your problems are nothing.

While coming back from work the other day, I saw a tourist capturing the homelss along the road side. I thought for a moment that he is doing something which is not appreciated. Then I turned to me, well, I think that he is not doing something good, but what am I doing! I havent done a small thing to help the destitues.

There is an whole lot of things which I can do to improve human life. Staring from a small gesture as helping someone who cant read to understand the bus info in the public bus stand.

Life is beautiful. Life goes on.